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Colorado Mule Deer Association
CMDA Position
Protection Of Our
Constitutional Right

Where as:

The 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution declares that its citizens have the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and this right shall not be infringed.

Where as:

The Patriots of said Constitution fought a war against a tyrannical and suppressive Government with the same weaponry with which that Government used against them.

Where as:

The Citizens of this Nation shall and must have the same weaponry, as does this Government, in order to protect themselves, family, and property against any Criminal Adversary and to defend the Constitution of this Nation against any Foreign or Domestic Powers.

Where as:

Any laws cast by this State of Colorado Legislature that restricts the Right of its Citizen to Bear Arms, to protect themselves, family, property against Criminal Adversaries and or Foreign or Domestic Powers, shall be seen as an intent to harm the Constitution and the Right of its citizens to protect themselves.


 The Colorado Mule Deer Association rightfully opposes any laws that would infringes upon the 2nd Amendment and for the citizens of Colorado to protect themselves, family, property against criminal violence or their ability to defend the Constitution of the United States.