Habitat Restoration

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The links on the left will take you to our project areas. The conservationist and sportsmen members of the Colorado Mule Deer Association remain focused on its mission by establishing the following goals:

The CMDA believes that conserving mule deer habitat through conservation easement on winter range and migratory corridors is vital in maintaining mule deer populations. CMDA works with Colorado Division of Wildlife (CDOW), federal land managers and private property owners to manipulate habitat through controlled burns, mechanical means and reseeding to improve deer habitat.

Recruitment of hunters and anglers is crucial to sound wildlife management. CMDA supports youth education and getting kids and families outdoors.

CMDA assists CDOW with youth big game and pheasant hunts. Learn more about CDOW Youth Hunts at Colorado Division of Wildlife - Youth Hunts. 

CMDA has donated funds to the "Pathway to Fishing" program, which has taught over 11,000 kids throughout northwest Colorado how to fish. Learn more about Pathway to Fishing at Colorado Sportsmen Wildlife Fund. 

CMDA has led the way in restoring mule deer populations. We continue to keep vigilance on wildlife management practices that effect mule deer herds. This means we are an ever-present advocate at our state wildlife commission meetings and at our state legislative sessions.

The most important research study in the west is the Piceance Basin Project. With our country's need for energy independence, natural gas development has centered in the heart of the largest mule deer herd in the world (the D-7 herd). The CMDA has committed over $100,000.00 to research and habitat restoration.