Youth on the Hunt

CMDA’s Youth On the Hunt Program

            In 2007, the CMDA rewrote its Mission Statement to include “the Recruitment, Education and Mentoring of future Generations of Hunters.”

During this same time, the CMDA was engaged in habitat improvements, establishing the Molina Habitat Restoration Project. This habitat work began on two ranches, the Nichols and the Robert Lapsley Ranches. Early in 2008 permission was give by the two ranches to host two youth deer hunts, one Archery and one Rifle. The CMDA set up booths at Sportsmen’s Warehouse for the purpose of having youth, age 12 to 17, to sign up for a drawing for the Archery and Rifle hunts. Six Youth for the Archery and the Rifle hunts were drawn. The CMDA and the Colorado Traditional Archers Society (CTAS) partnered together to sponsor the first archery hunt. Both the archery and the rifle hunts were a huge success. Thus began our Youth on the Hunt program. This year we will host the 150th first timer youth hunter. We are proud to say that we are fostering the next generation of hunters.


Landowners, who want to see youth become life-long ethical hunters who respect private property rights, host our three and a half day hunts. That’s why at the Friday lunch; we have a representative from the CPW, usually the local DWM, and the Landowner speak to the young hunters about game management and habitat improvements for deer. And that as hunters, they play a vital role in assuring that Colorado’s Mule Deer herds continue to thrive. Is rewarding to see the young hunters, boys and girls share the hunting experiences around the evening campfires. Some life-ling friendships are established.


The CMDA could do more youth hunts, but the major factor in doing so is the lack of mentors. With help from Northwest Regional Manager Ron Velarde, we have been able to conduct our hunts outside the regular big game season structure. Our Archery hunts are held during the break between Archery and the Rifle seasons. Our Rifle hunts are held after the four Rifle season. This allows mentors to participate with us without them giving up their hunting opportunity. We co-host a Traditional Archery hunt with the CTAS, a High Tech Archery hunt and two Rifle hunts.


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If you are interested in becoming a mentor with the CMDA, contact Denny C. Behrens thru this email address,