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Joining Colorado Mule Deer Association as a member allows you to have a part of the much bigger picture.

All funds received stay in Colorado. We are not a national organization. All of the money raised (what-ever the source) stays and works in Colorado. If you’re a local, we work in your backyard. If you’re not, we’re working to make this the place of your dreams, the place you want to come spend time outside.

  • We help create areas where wildlife can obtain good food sources year round. We do it in such a way as to provide safety and cover near-by. We don’t just go into an area and create fields. The idea of helping to create a healthy herd is to provide areas where generations of deer can be raised on high protein feeds that come back year after year.
  • We work hard to bring new participants into the realm of the Sportsman. Every year, we reach out through various venues where we’ll set up a booth to attract first time hunters for a chance to be in a drawing for a guided hunt. This year, we will be taking:
    • 6 young people & a sponser on their 1st Archery Hunt each year
    • 8 Female hunters each year on their 1st Archery hunt
    • Right after Thanksgiving, we’ll take 12 Youth hunters on their 1st Rifle hunt.


All of these hunts are provided to the recipients and their family members at no cost to them. They are also provided a “guide” – typically a CMDA member who has spent time on the Ranch or location. A 3-day weekend of no cell phones and no game consoles. Just family & new friends experiencing the outdoors.


  • We work diligently with local & State legislatures & other partner organizations to see that the best interest of our local deer herds are taken into account.

Become part of the movement to bring Colorado’s deer herds back to the levels they were at 50-years ago. Become part of the movement that brings new hunters into the experiences of the outdoors. Become part of the movement that monitors & works with the people & organizations that affect your hunting heritage & future.

Become a Member Today!

Annual memberships are $35.00 and that little bit of money keeps a lot of projects in motion.  Follow the link below to put this on your credit card.  It does make a huge difference.

Thank You

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