2015 Strategic Plan

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife are holding meetings for the 2015 Strategic Plan. As Sportsmen and Sportswomen your input is critical for the future of our hunting heritage. I would remind you all that all the issues of recruitment and retention, preference points, season structures, limited licenses, predation etc, all relate back to the resource. The focus is not managing the number of hunters, it about managing for a viable abundant hunt-able species. There needs be a real assorted effort to bring back our mule deer populations and in some GMUs our elk populations. Your voice is important to this process.

You can check the location of the nearest meeting to you by going to the Strategic Planning website. http://cpw.state.co.us/aboutus/Pages/StrategicPlan.aspx

Get Engaged. Thank you.
Denny C. Behrens, Chairman CMDA

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