A Knife for all seasons

On Feb 12, 2015 11:55 AM, “Ken Phippen” <kpknives@gmail.com> wrote:

The blank is 440c steel. Similar quality as the one I am making for a sample, so you will get an idea from the other knife. Most of the knife blanks from this particular company are 440c steel, which is a very good quality stainless steel.

Some guys don’t like stainless steel. I have nice knives from other companies that are quality high carbon steel, just have to figure out how to get a nice logo on them. I’ll be working on that topic. I have a really great skinning knife from high carbon steel that is quality and sells for the same as these other two. It really is a skinner, so a pretty specialized shape. Might be one to consider in the future.

I have a few different high quality folding hunting knives. My clients are very pleased with the knives. The catch is this, I would need $80 for them if I can get at least 3 knives ordered. You guys could sell them for $100 or whatever you decide. This would be the knife and a belt sheath for the $80. I typically sell them for $100.

I sent you pictures of two of these folding knives. The Elk Hunter and the Moose Hunter. The Moose had the guthook, but I can get that one with or without the guthook. The Elk Hunter is a really solid feeling knife that everyone that handles it are very impressed.

I’ll likely take the plunge and get some logo templates for myself and if they work for me, it would be a way to get your logo on some of these other knives, like the folders or high carbon steel. I anticipate you don’t want to get too spread out with the knife options you are offering. Certainly start out with a bit more focused offering and see if the members are interested. I think a couple of fixed blade styles and a couple of folding hunters – maybe a guthook option and a non-guthook option.

I just checked. The knife with the logo is already out for delivery, so I should see it this evening. I’ll let you know how it looks.

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